Subaxtreme Bull Bars

SubaXtreme is a specialist Australian ‘craft manufacturer’ of Subaru Vehicle Accessories.

Our business is to design, test and manufacture quality and innovative products that meet the needs of Subaru vehicle owners.

Our personal aim is to provide the best customer service possible.

The purpose of all our products is to enhance what we believe are exceptional vehicles. Our products offer improvements in areas such as, off-road ability, outback travel ability, vehicle protection, appearance, personality, practicality and safety, while still maintaining the benefits of owning a Subaru vehicle. These benefits are reliability, economy, comfort, longevity, performance, safety, practicality, road handling and resale value just to name a few.

We believe that to obtain the best out of each accessory, it needs to be tailor made for each model. To that end, we are committed to designing and manufacturing products, using this philosophy.

Demands on vehicles and accessories, particularly off-road, are high, and failures can be costly and potentially dangerous. For these reasons we are serious about manufacturing high quality products.


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