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Looking to Upgrade Your 4×4? Here’s a List of Must Have Accessories and Why You Need Them

Do you need some necessary accessories or just want to upgrade your auto? If you love your ride and want it to look good, here at Offroad 4×4 Bathurst, we have what you want. If you are looking to upgrade your 4×4 here’s a list of must have 4×4 accessories and why you need them. Your 4×4 needs all the tender loving care that you can give it, so have a look and see what we have for you.

We have all the top quality brands and new technology in 4×4 kit. Pick your accessory and we will install it for you. If you aren’t sure what you need or want our friendly staff will take you through the options!


  • They come in spots or floods and with 32 LEDs they produce intense white light and have 50,000 hours of lifespan. These lights don’t need any warm up time like HID. At the flick of a switch, you have light that covers a broad field. They will serve you well because they are manufactured for extreme conditions and made to stand up to vibration on broken surfaces. These lights are purposely built to military specifications, with almost indestructible polycarbonate lens and can even be submerged to a 3 metre depth. 


  • The perfect hybrid – LED for wide beam setting and HID for long range lighting. They have three modes of operation, are cased in stainless steel, and have a waterproof membrane with a mechanical seal. With over, under and reverse voltage protection they are great two in one accessories to improve lighting performance. They’re the ideal accessories for the off roader as they are Australian made and carry a 3 year warranty.


  • For vehicle and personal protection, we have front and back bull bars, plus bumpers, side bars and side steps. They’re a must for people who live in rural areas or who love to tour remote wilderness. They come in different types and sizes, made to fit and complement different vehicles. Not only do they protect your vehicle from trees and rocks that suddenly appear around a corner, but also deflect large animals that may wonder into your path. Another added advantage is they can be used to mount lights, antennas, or winches. We have deluxe and Sahara styles and we also stock nudge bars for smaller SUVs and Utes. 

Need More Accessories?

That’s right, come down to see us at Offroad 4×4 Bathurst and we will sort you out. We have all the 4×4 accessories you will ever want. Browse around our showroom, contact us with your queries. Deck out your vehicle to get the best out of your 4×4.