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What to Know About 4×4 Suspension

If you are currently in the market for a new car, then it’s probably safe to assume that you have been spending a lot of time comparing different features and trying to figure out what you need and what you don’t need. There are plenty of different things to consider, but here at Offroad 4×4 Bathurst we happen to think that something you should have right at the top of your list is 4×4 suspension! As far as we are concerned, you don’t have a proper car unless you are rocking 4×4!

Here are some of the biggest benefits of having 4×4 suspension.

  • With 4×4 suspension, you as a driver are given much better on handling of your vehicle. There is a smoothness that is produced in the way that the suspension interacts with the terrain that is hard to beat. Once you get back into a car without it, you will realise just how much of a difference 4×4 suspension can make!
  • And this is felt even more when you take the car off the road and test it out on hostile and uneven ground. In truth, 4×4 suspension makes most rough surfaces feel like you are driving on a freshly tarmacked motorway!
  • If you are somebody who does a lot of towing, then you will find that with 4×4 suspension you experience a much higher level of balance. This helps to improve your driving and makes the whole process a lot smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Good quality 4×4 suspension will help you to maintain the quality of your tyres for much longer. The tyres are doing less heavy lifting, which means that you won’t have to keep paying out for replacements as often compared to when you didn’t have the suspension and your wheels were taking a beating every time you chose to go off road.

If you would like to start experiencing the benefits of 4×4 suspension for yourself, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Offroad 4×4 Bathurst. Whether you have had a 4×4 vehicle before or are ready to start an adventure with your very first experience, we can help you out and match you up with your ideal machine!

We very much look forward to meeting you and being able to introduce you to the big wide world of 4×4 suspension. You won’t ever want to go back!