4wd Canopies

Arb Canopies

Canopies offer unlimited possibilities and customisation for on-road and off-road activities. Designed with performance, reliability and safe storage in mind, canopies are a fantastic addition to your ute that lets you tailor your vehicle to your needs. Customisations include ute liners, drawers, shelves, fridge slides, tie-down points and anything else you could want to carry in the back of your ute.

Canopies boast massive storage space that is protected from the elements, keeping your stuff safe and dry. With tinted windows that are lockable, you can feel safe that your belongings will be kept secure in your canopy. You can also add optional roof racks to the canopy to safely hold ladders, cargo and much more.

Whether for work, play or anything in between, ARB canopies offer flexible storage space, weatherproofing and increased security for your cargo. Our extensive range ensures you’ll find a product that not only suits your individual requirements, but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of any utility.

Built tough and proven reliable in the harsh Australian environment, ARB’s canopies are manufactured from UV stable ABS thermoplastic, making them a dependable solution you can rely on for many years to come.

Rest assured your investment is protected with a 3 year, 60,000km nationwide warranty, all backed by ARB’s renowned aftersales support.

There is a range of different canopies available to suit your tastes and needs to the letter. The tried and tested Classic canopy has become the gold standard for canopies, offering excellent space and a substantial weight capacity. Newer models, such as the Ascent canopies, offer additional security, functionality and features with an aesthetically pleasing design.

ARB Ascent Canopy

The newest member to the ARB canopy family. Ascent is our feature packed flagship canopy, offering the highest level of usability and comfort in an ultra-premium design. With a raft of standard features including fully integrated central locking and push button window switches, Ascent is the solution for those who live an active lifestyle and want their vehicle to look just as good off road as it does in the parking lot.

ARB Classic Canopy

ARB’s Classic canopy has stood the test of time, offering unrivalled quality, practicality and affordability. Available in standard or high roof configurations with the option of a smooth or textured exterior, an ARB Classic canopy is the perfect solution to increase the protected storage space of your utility vehicle. With an extensive range of accessories available, including canopy mounted roof bars and racks, the Classic canopy can be tailored to suit any vehicle or personal requirement.


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Canopies to meet your needs on and off-road

Whether you’re out in the bush or heading to the beach for a holiday, canopies allow you to tailor your vehicle to perfectly meet your needs. Aside from the great deal of weatherproof space that a canopy provides, you can add shelving, drawers and windows to turn your canopy into a home away from home. You can also include tie-down points if you intend to go off-roading at any point to stop your belongings from flying all over the place.

Canopies are a truly versatile addition to your vehicle, no matter how you intend to use it. If you are a hunter, you can install ute liners, sliding windows and vents to properly air out the canopy while storing your successful hunt. If you’re more into surfing, you can add some roof racks or rails to the canopy that will let you take your surfboard with you anywhere you go.

What is my canopy made out of?

 Most modern canopies are constructed out of ABS, which is a type of thermoplastic polymer. It’s used because it is light, UV-protected and can be moulded into complex shapes and designs.

What canopy is best for me?

Although the Classic is perfectly suited for most environments, as well as single cab, dual cab and extra cab vehicles, newer models like the Ascent offer more security and storage capacity.