Can you use off road tyres on road?

Here at Offroad 4×4 Bathhurst, we think it’s important to understand the significant differences between off-road and on-road tyres and whether your driving circumstances require you to have off-road tyres for your vehicle.

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4wd on beach- Offroad 4x4 accessories

What To Do If You Get Bogged

Here at Offroad 4×4 Bathhurst, we have everything you might need if you’re heading on an outdoor adventure or simply just taking a trip into town. Because we aim to cover you for all your 4×4 needs, we want to make sure you know what to do if you ever get bogged on your adventures.

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4wd driving through sand- Offroad 4x4 accessories

4WD Top Tips for Sand and Beach Driving

We love our adventure travel in Australia, and one of the best ways to explore our rugged and beautiful coastlines is by 4WD. 4WDing isn’t for the faint-hearted, and being prepared is the difference between a fun driving experience and a sand-filled nightmare.

Whether you’re driving on the beach for fun, or trying to get to a campsite or crossing, even the most experienced drivers can make mistakes.

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Back of jeep with 4x4 accessories installed- Offroad 4x4 accessories

What to Know About 4×4 Suspension

If you are currently in the market for a new car, then it’s probably safe to assume that you have been spending a lot of time comparing different features and trying to figure out what you need and what you don’t need. There are plenty of different things to consider, but here at Offroad 4×4 Bathurst we happen to think that something you should have right at the top of your list is 4×4 suspension! As far as we are concerned, you don’t have a proper car unless you are rocking 4×4!

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ARB 4wd- arb accessories bathurst

Looking to Upgrade Your 4×4? Here’s a List of Must Have Accessories and Why You Need Them

Do you need some necessary accessories or just want to upgrade your auto? If you love your ride and want it to look good, here at Offroad 4×4 Bathurst, we have what you want. If you are looking to upgrade your 4×4 here’s a list of must have 4×4 accessories and why you need them. Your 4×4 needs all the tender loving care that you can give it, so have a look and see what we have for you.

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4WD driving through river- 4x4 suspension

What You Need to Know About ARB Accessories

What do you think of when you hear ARB in Bathurst? To us here at Offroad 4×4 Bathurst, it means a ripper of a time! We are your local experts in off roading and have a full range of accessories for you to use on your next adventure.

Each of the products helps to deliver a premier off roading experience so that you’re having fun but are also staying safe. If you want to know more about ARB, use this handy guide to get educated before your next drive. 

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couple sitting at fire near 4wd with canopy - Offroad 4x4 accessories

4X4 Accessories for The Avid 4WD Lover

If you like to do a lot of off roading and rough terrain driving, then the chances are that you are going to be a lover of four-wheel drives! There is no doubt that they are a classic vehicle for classic Australian style adventure driving, but you can’t just stop at the car itself, you need all of the accessories to go along with it!

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Four Wheel Drive Accessories Perfect For The Australian Outback

If you are already the proud owner of one, then you will be well aware of the joy that a great quality four wheel drive can bring! You really do feel like the king of the road when you are in the driving seat of a 4WD, and here at Offroad 4×4 Bathurst, we like to introduce our customers to all of the cool accessories that can be added to make your 4×4 driving  experience even more enjoyable and unrivalled. 

Depending on what kinds of terrain you tend to drive on, there are a number of add-ons that can really improve your overall drive, especially for the Australian Outback. With that in mind, here are some of the absolute must have 4WD accessories that you can’t do without.

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ARB Summit Rear Bar- Offroad 4x4 accessories Bathurst

Must Have ARB Accessories for Your 4×4

When you are looking for accessories to improve the look of your 4×4, ARB is one of the most popular suppliers, producing accessories that are specifically designed to meet the needs of 4×4 vehicles and drivers, and to make sure that you can off-road safely.

If you are looking for new accessories from ARB in Bathurst, then you may want to talk to the experts. Offroad 4×4 Bathurst can show the must-have features from this maker. 

ARB 4wd- arb accessories bathurst

How To Get The Most Out Of Your 4×4 Suspension

4×4 suspension can massively improve your driving experience, and once you make the switch, you will never want to go back! 

Here at Offroad 4×4 Bathurst, we are committed to making sure that not only as many drivers as possible are equipped with top quality suspension, but that they also know how best to take care of and maintain it.

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