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Must Have ARB Accessories for Your 4×4

When you are looking for accessories to improve the look of your 4×4, ARB is one of the most popular suppliers, producing accessories that are specifically designed to meet the needs of 4×4 vehicles and drivers, and to make sure that you can off-road safely.

If you are looking for new accessories from ARB in Bathurst, then you may want to talk to the experts. Offroad 4×4 Bathurst can show the must-have features from this maker. 

Essentials recovery kits

When you are going off-road, you need to have a way to protect yourself against being stuck. Wherever you are, knee-deep in mud or struggling to get off the beach, you need a recovery kit. The ARB brand has produced a number of bags and utensils, including the Essentials Recovery Kit which includes recovery straps, galvanized shackles, snatch blocks, and a tree-trunk protector. 

ARB protection

If you want to give your vehicle a little extra strength, whether you are going off-road or driving through the city, bull bars and bumper bars are a great option. Side bars and rails, or even side-steps for getting into the vehicle, are handy additions too. 

Storage accessories

Even if you have a big 4×4, you are still likely to find that you run out of convenient space easily. ARB have roller drawers, side-floor kits, roof racks and consoles, and cargo barriers all designed to make it easier to store equipment and even shopping in your car. 

Additional fuel tanks

When you are planning on going off-road, you want to make sure that you don’t get stuck in a field without any fuel. Offroad 4×4 Bathurst think that increasing your fuel capacity is a great way of making sure that you can go further without draining your tank, and these auxiliary tanks can be very useful in an emergency. 

Refrigeration tools

When you want to go on a long drive, it is likely that you will want something to eat or drink along the way. Fridge freezers from ARB are likely to give you exactly what you need, and there are plenty of accessories to make sure that your fridge is working whenever you go out in your 4×4. 

Find the accessories you want with us

If you are looking for high-quality accessories from ARB in Bathurst, then you should talk to the expert suppliers of 4×4 vehicles in the area, Offroad 4×4 Bathurst.

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