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How To Get The Most Out Of Your 4×4 Suspension

4×4 suspension can massively improve your driving experience, and once you make the switch, you will never want to go back! 

Here at Offroad 4×4 Bathurst, we are committed to making sure that not only as many drivers as possible are equipped with top quality suspension, but that they also know how best to take care of and maintain it.

To help you out on this subject, here are some top tips for how to maintain and continue to get the best out of your 4×4 suspension.

  • The most obvious thing that you should be doing is keeping a regular eye out for general wear and tear on your suspension system. The more you look, the quicker you will be able to tell when something has changed, and when you notice a difference, it is time to head to a garage to get things looked at professionally. A dodgy suspension can be dangerous.
  • One of the most important things that a car owner should be doing to help preserve their suspension is to make sure that the vehicle’s tyres are properly inflated to the manufacturer’s recommendations at all times. Poorly inflated tyres will put more strain on the suspension, which will obviously result in wearing it down prematurely. 
  • As well as inflating tyres regularly, you should also be rotating them regularly in order to help with evening out the general wear and tear that occurs over time. Evening out the wear and tear can do just as much good as inflating the tyres appropriately.
  • Make sure to listen for sounds that are new or unusual. For example, excessive clunking when going over bumps can mean something wrong with a spring, and the sooner you notice this and get your vehicle to a garage, the better off your suspension will be.

So, if you are interested in getting an upgrade to 4×4 suspension in the near future, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

A member of our trained and experienced team will be able to have a good conversation with you about what you need and what is best for your situation.

We look forward to being able to improve the quality of your driving life.

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